2023: Year In Review

 2023 was a busy year!  Here is a list of my presentations, podcasts, and formal publications from 2023 in case

By Francis 2 Min Read

Cheap Cars To Insure For Young Drivers: A Guide

Learning to drive and getting a car is a major accomplishment for any growing teen. But for the parents, the

By Francis 16 Min Read

3 Ways to Squeeze More Value From the Distracted Driving Safety Guide – SafeStart

Anyone who sits in the driver’s seat of a vehicle is at risk of becoming distracted while driving. That means

By Francis 6 Min Read


Are You Prepared? Creating the Perfect Roadside Emergency Kit

When traveling long distances by car, it’s important to prepare for emergencies. Packing a roadside survival kit and having reliable

By Francis 10 Min Read

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Is a Fleet Safety Course Worth It?

Good drivers are the backbone of every successful fleet. They also represent a great deal of risk for fleet managers. When trying to decide whether a fleet safety course is worth it, fleet managers should look at all the factors

By Francis 5 Min Read